Mineral exploration and the discovery and development of new mines is our core business. Projects are internally generated or selected from offered opportunities and developed to become profitable mines.

A steady flow of projects coupled with a high success rate creates a sustainable business model. Our model provides a market for projects and concept ideas for geologists and others who lack the technical and financial muscle to capitalise on their intellectual property. MinEx has turned a number of these “Project Partners” into wealthy individuals.

The model also provides opportunities for venture capitalists and investment funds to invest into projects at an early stage thus leveraging off a relatively small investment with huge growth potential. The MinEx track record and technical and managerial expertise provide comfort in investments which would normally be considered high risk. More than one resource company has been established on the back of mining projects generated and developed by MinEx.

A small but very experienced permanent professional staff means that most non-core tasks are outsourced and that money is spent “in the ground”.

The discovery and development of new mining assets creates wealth for the region, work opportunities for communities and revenue for the state.