Track Record

MinEx and Mike Scott have played key roles in the development
of these mines and mining projects:


Phosiri Platinum Project

This platinum project was identified by MinEx in 2001. It is an unusual situation where the floor rock has risen bringing the reefs up to mineable depths. The first drill intersection was made here in 2006. Close to $21 million has been spent, mainly on drilling. The project is currently at bankable feasibility study stage. With over 40 million ounces in reserves and resources this is one of the world’s biggest remaining unmined deposits.


Limpopo Platinum Mine

The sale of this then dormant mine from a South African mining house to a Canadian junior was brokered by MinEx in 2000. Drilling and evaluation work was then carried out and the mine resumed production in 2004. Currently the mine is part of the Lonmin stable. It pays MinEx a royalty based on production.


Marsfontein Diamond Mine

This diamond mine, the richest per ton ever found, was discovered by MinEx in 1997. Mined by De Beers and Southernera Resources it paid a royalty to MinEx during its productive life. The kimberlite pipe has now been mined out and the area rehabilitated.


Klipspringer Diamond Mine

This kimberlite dyke was identified by MinEx  in 1995. Following drilling, underground development and bulk sampling, the mine went into production in 2003. A royalty, based on diamonds sold, is paid to MinEx.


Volspruit Platinum Project

This open pit platinum project was identified by MinEx  in 1998. Drilling and evaluation work have been conducted since 2001, the project having now advanced to feasibility stage. A production rate of 300 000 tons per month is envisaged. This project is now owned by Sylvania Platinum who also own a very similar project 70 kms to the north. MinEx  has an ownership interest or royalty in both projects.


Ivory Coast Gold Exploration Project

An option to acquire this early stage gold exploration project was obtained by MinEx in 2005. Since then more than $9 million has been spent on drilling. MinEx  retains a significant ownership in this project. Initial production is planned by 2016.

mokoMakonjwaan Open Pit Gold Mine

Makonjwaan was one of the first open pit gold mines to be established in South Africa. It went into production in 1990 and is now dormant. Mike Scott played a significant role in the establishment of this mine.


Sofala Open Pit Gold Mine

The Sofala Mine was also one of the early open pit gold mines in South Africa.  Mike Scott was a member of the development team and the mine went into production in 1991. It is now mined out and rehabilitated.


PPRust Platinum Mine

This is one of the world’s great platinum mines. It is currently owned by Anglo American Platinum. Mike Scott was a member of the team that worked on the establishment of an open pit mine on this deposit.


Otjihase Copper Mine

This copper mine was discovered in 1971 by a team of which Mike Scott was a key player. Initially mined by JCI in 1973, it was mined latterly by Gold Fields and is currently owned by Weatherly Resources.


Shangani Nickel Mine

The Shangani Nickel Mine was discovered in 1970 by a team of which Mike Scott was a member. Initally operated by JCI it is now dormant and owned by Mwana Africa.